Successful Marketing Ads for Your Business


What do we mean by awareness? Maybe you’re creating a website for a new brand and you want to share long-form written content in the form of a blog. By writing and sharing blog posts, you are creating awareness on a particular topic. If you are launching a new product or service, you want to create content on the Internet that generates awareness, how can you get people to find you online?

Sales and conversions

One of the most common purposes of a website is to generate traffic and sales. This is usually most suited for a business website that’s selling a product or service. There are many ways to go about generating traffic in hopes of bringing in sales for your business, such as creating funnels with specific landing pages, email option magnets, and nurturing through an email series. But creating informational content on your industry will help bring in and attract the right type of customer.


Another purpose for a website is simply to share information. Think about Wikipedia, a dictionary or thesaurus, or a news site. Each one of these website types shares an abundance of information on an ongoing basis. You keep coming back to them when searching for a query online. This could also be a curated blog. For example, there are many design blogs out there (including yours truly, Flux) that create content within a genre to help a specific audience, in this case, designers.

Successful Marketing Ads for Your Business

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