Our Story

Faraji.net is a local business situated in Tabata, Ilala Dar es Salaam. we  focus on guiding businesses and brands to largely use the online opportunity that is currently on trend, in various forms adapted for their target global audience to resonate.

We have the pleasure to work with both International and local brands/businesses on multiple digital creative projects so please contact us.

IT Services and Support

faraji.net aims towards being your point of contact for your entire information technology, hardware and software needs. We strive to provide a comprehensive set of services that enable you to get your IT infrastructure back on track within no time. by offering simplified IT solutions that are tailored to suit your requirements. We work with a hands-on approach that enables you to achieve specific business goals and boost performance.

Network Installation

faraji.net in a provides network installation services for a variety of educational, commercial and industrial requirements. We have a team of highly trained field technicians who are capable of undertaking any kind of project. We aim towards creating infrastructure that is designed and installed to cater to your current and future requirements.

PC Support

faraji.net provides technical support for both home based and business PC’s. We have on offer a comprehensive set of troubleshooting services for PCs that are aimed towards diagnosing hardware and software problems precisely and quickly, and fixing them in the quickest timeframe possible.

Our Mission

to bring IT solutions next to you as quickly as possible


working with us allows your businesses to connect to your customers fast and so improve your advertising reach. ​


you can expect your potential customers to trust you more and try the products you put on line first

Higher Sales

the overall income of your business will be getting bigger and bigger as the time flies. modern business is a numbers game.

Customer retention

Once you connect with your customers it can prove to be useful for your company, you can create a profitable long-term relationship.

Have Any Questions?

Faraji.net is a Dar es Salaam based IT Business that specializes in website development, Media, IT and Graphics solutions. It’s no surprise that working with us will help you achieve a better business experience on line and help your business function flawlessly.

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